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Random Films for you to watch

Watch for fee at!

Watch for fee at!
provides streaming independent films of many genres from music videos to
3D animation. Here are examples of what is available on the web site.
Watch for fee at!

Watch for fee at!
Lowell Northrop
2001- Hollywood, CA
In the year 2001, there were 236 confirmed Bigfoot sightings in the United States.Yet in the same year, there were only 12 confirmed Axl Rose sightings. For the past ten years, one of rock¹s most recognizable figures has been in hiding, and only a handful of people have ever seen him in public.
What does Axl Rose look like now?
How does he dress?
Where does he eat?
Is he more afraid of us than we are of him?

This short film is a collection of actual eyewitness accounts from people who have spotted this reclusive rockstar in recent years.
Watch for fee at!

Watch for fee at!
Spike Jonze

Chainsaw Kittens Video

1993 - Norman, Oklahoma

Spike Jonze is most widely known as the
director of Being John Malkovich (which garnered three Academy Award
nominations) and Adaptation. One year before making the"Sabotage" Video for the Beastie Boys giving him an international presence, he made this video for the alt-pop act The Chainsaw Kittens.

Watch for fee at!

Watch for fee at!

2003 - rural SW

Quese iMC

Quese iMC is one of the top native american emcees.He has been working for several years to help create a native american hip-hop movement at a grass roots level. He has been invited to many emcee battles including MTV's NYC battle.

, a Seminole filmmaker from rural Oklahoma was flown to NYC May 20th for promotion for the Sundance Film Festival. Sterlin is one of eight filmmakers to be chosen for this years' Sundance Director's Lab.

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